academic literary thing.

a blog to track my progress as a participant-observer in my ethnography of the homestuck fandom on tumblr.

main blog can be found at goawei!

Okay. So, what is this?

Hi. My name’s Wei. You may or may not know me from my actual Tumblr, goawei, or from the numerous puns I make on my name. I cosplay and RP and do all sorts of other geeky stuff. 

However, I (sadly) have a life outside of that. Most of my time is spent being a MSc Media and Communications student at the London School of Economics, and I’m researching the Homestuck fandom for my dissertation. This is worth an entire quarter of my degree. What I’ll be doing is an ethnography/discourse analysis of debate and discussions within the Homestuck fandom, but also regarding the creation of content. This means I’ll probably be messaging certain individuals separately if I see something I like, but I’d also like to have a general overview of the fandom as a whole, and especially the use of fan-created content within the comic itself. For your interest, my research question is:

How can fans of webcomics utilise social media as a public sphere to influence the comics themselves, through debate or the creation of content? A case study using the Homestuck fandom on Tumblr.

This means that if you’ve got anything that actually appeared in the comic, that would be super useful. If you don’t, that’s fine, I’d love to follow you anyway if you’d let me! If you’re interested in being involved, please reblog this post HEY HOMESTUCK PEEPS as consent. If not, then it would be great if you could spread the word by linking to this post separately— reblogging means consent, so if you don’t want to be involved but want to share the word please don’t reblog! 

Thanks so much. I’ll be publishing findings here as well, so stay posted.

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